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Alfa Romeo Arna

Alfa Romeo Arna Image

Take the worst characteristics of two car manufacturers, mix them together and what do you get?

Bedford Beagle

Bedford Beagle Image

Well named - this car was a real dog.

Bond Minicar

Bond Minicar Image

A great idea as long as it's only driven in a straight line.

Burney Streamline

Burney Streamline Image

Engine cooling? Who needs to cool a car engine?

Citroen Bijou

Citroen Bijou Image

Not quite the jewel in Citroen's crown.

Daff Dafodil

Daf Daffodil Image

Daf? Daft more like. A simple car designed for nervous motorists.

Fairthorpe Atom

Fairthorpe Atom Image

Crude, ultra basic and badly finished - fit only for the scrapheap.

FSO Polonez

FSO Polonez Image

20 years out of date and oh, that awful build quality!


G-Wiz Image

Voted Britain's worst car - with good reason.

Hillman Imp

Hillman Imp Image

Badly designed, built by an inexperienced workforce and too expensive: couldn't fail could it?

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