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How We Maintain Your Privacy

This privacy policy applies only to this website, which is It does not apply to any other websites that this website links to, which have their own individual privacy policies.

This privacy policy may change from time to time and the one which will apply will be the one which is current at the time of your viewing this website.

If you do not agree with this privacy policy, please do not continue to use this website.

Personally identifying information that is provided by yourself

Personal information is defined as information that can be used to locate, identify, or make personal contact with any individual. We do not collect any of this information under normal circumstances but you may provide it to us yourself if you get in touch with us by any means. This information will be stored on our computer system using commonly accepted security systems.

Information that we collect about visitors

We collect information about every visit to our website. This information does not include any data which can be used to personally identify any individual and is limited to generic information such as the number of pages visited, the times of the visits, and the type and characteristics of the device used to access this website. This information is used for statistical purposes only in order to help us to improve this website and ensure that it is kept up to date.

How we use personal information

We will only have personal information about you if you contact us directly. We will use that information to assist us in replying to your queries but we will not use it for marketing purposes of any kind. we may use this information for the following purposes;

  • To answer any queries you may have raised
  • to contact you if we feel that, by doing so, we could prevent you from suffering loss or harm
  • to ask for information about possible breaches of our terms and conditions
  • to provide you with further information related to queries that you have raised in the past

How we will not use personal information

We will not sell, lease, or pass on in any way any personal information we have about any of our visitors unless we are compelled to do so in order to fulfil our legal obligations.

We will not send you spam or other types of marketing information without a direct request from you for us to do so.

Disclosure of your information to third parties

It is not our practice to disclose any information that we have about our visitors to any other person or entity. However, in the event that we are under a legal compulsion to do so we reserve the right to discharge our legal obligations. In this event the only qualified authority that we will accepted will be the legal system of the United Kingdom.


We do not at present use cookies on this website but we reserve the right to do so in the future. If we do use cookies of any description they will be used solely for enhancing visits to our website and they will not be used for obtaining or storing any personal information about our visitors.

Access to personal information

You have a legal right to request us to disclose to you any personal information that we hold about you in electronic form. If you believe that any of this is incorrect you are entitled to insist that we put it right within a short period.

Processing of personal information

We do not process personal information in any way. We do however reserve the right to do so in the future if we feel that it is necessary. None of this personal information will be divulged to any other person unless we are legally compelled to do so.