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My early inspiration

Hi! My name is Carol moore and I'm the owner of this website.

You could say my love of unusual cars dates back to a motor show I attended as a child back in the 70’s. I was already fascinated with all things vehicle related even then, and my father tapped into my growing interest and no doubt fuelled it up to last! From the point where I started asking him about various cars on the road in great detail, and by offering to help whilst he endlessly tinkered with our Ford Cortina Mk III, I was fast becoming a bit of a petrol head!

When the Custom Car event came up in Birmingham, he knew I would lap it up - and sure enough I was enthralled by all kinds of gleaming bonnets and bumpers, from saloon type cars that looked like something out of a 1920’s gangster movie, to unusual sporty and futuristic models.

Vintage versus Futuristic!

Some of the cars from that day still stand out in my mind – for instance the low, long lines of a 1932 Ford Speedster, and the sleek appearance of a 1970 Lancia (Bertone) HF Zero that looked like something out of a science fiction movie to my young eyes. I think that maybe my dad thought I would grow out of it – but he was wrong! Decades later, and my avid interest in all kinds of cars shows no sign of abating, and as time has progressed there are any number of new and intriguing models on the market!

Wacky and Wonderful

In recent times my interest has been piqued by an abundance of unusual cars that have come along – in some cases never to be heard of again! For instance, I have been intrigued by weird and wonderful models such as the steam punk style quirkiness of the Takayanagi Miluira from Japan, the Fiat Panda Monster Truck, L’Oeuf (the Egg) and the Fab1 which was brought into the real world for a Thunderbirds movie! Obviously many of these models are just not practical, and in some cases they were commissioned for films or commercials - but they bring that eccentric twist to the world of motoring which is what makes it all so much fun.

So, as you can see from this website, my abiding fascination with all things car related continues with no sign of diminishing, and I have converted (most) of my family in the process. Enjoy the ride, and hope you get as much enjoyment out of the featured cars as I have done over the years.